International Singer and Songwriter

« The Musical Ambassador of Good Will & Love has arrived: her name is

Ouriel Clark and with her own brand of dance, R&B, Soul and pop music

She’s known for her narrative songs  about how people should love each other and bring peace to the world.

Her harmony is ready to touch your heart and  heal your soul. Ouriel has excited a generation of music lovers with hits like « Let it be me » and « Shake your Bum ».

* »Shake your Bum » (written by Ouriel)  was  released by Sony France, and has sold more then 300,000 copies throughout Europe, and reaching top 20 of most European Dance Charts.

* « Let it be me » ( written by Gilbert Becaud/Curtis Delanoe)

was the opening sound track  of a Brazilian telenovela, Mulheres de areia  (« Sand Women »)  produced by the Rede Globo and aired from 1 February 1993 through 25 September 1993, in 203 episodes with 80 Million viewers.   Voted best international sountrack album of 1993.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mulheres_de_Areia#Soundtrack

Ouriel started singing as a child and following her dream of becoming an international recording artist. As she sang around in public places, she was soon discovered and brought to Zomba Music Studios (a division of Sony Music Entertainment)  Her debut album « Life Force » produced by Pete Hammond  quickly rose on Italian Radio music charts. She became an Italian sensation selling out to an audience of 70, 000 fans in the city of Padua.  She allures her audience with her charisma and dance moves entertaining people of all ages.

  • « Ouriel’s performance was outstanding as the main event, 70,000 people were at the show to hear songs from her album « Life Force » Il Tempo, Pietro Eremita.

  • « The new star of funky dance » Tutto, Stefano Bian.

  • « Ouriel’s album « Life Force » inspire you, when you hear her versatility, it’s excellent and extraordinary » Il giornale di Bergamo, Andrea Bonomi.

  • « She has an ethereal voice, it’s very soft and powerful at the same time » Paese Sera, Di Luigi Leone.

  • « Ouriel has an unusual voice that charms, and the song has a slowly ingratiating hook…….. Billboard, Talent Editor, Larry Flick.


The album « One Happy World » produced by was released in the States and her single « Did you know » received heavy radio rotation making number 19 in the Dance and Top 40 charts. Ouriel worked with Mia Mind Music record producer Steven Benzel, whose former clients includes Madonna.

Currently Ouriel is working with Gene Serina and Tony Camillo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_Camillo, the original songwriter, producer and arranger of « Midnight Train to Georgia« , in which Ouriel also sang a cover of.

Ouriel Clark is back in the studio in the South of France making new music and video clips with  Zlavko.  Check out a  teaser of her new song  « Cool » on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzOoTeg7Gt8 You can Download full version on  iTunes,  Amazon mp3 , Deezer etc.

Ouriel did a recent TV interview on  The Chris and Cookie Show.

« Please Come together and make it done, One Happy World, we all live together as one »




-America’s First Celebrity Newsletter Interview-


My name is Dr. Yomi Garnett, and I am Host of The Garnett Interview.

My distinguished guest today is OURIEL CLARK, International Singer and Songwriter, also famously known as « The Musical Ambassador of Good Will & Love. »

Ouriel, with her own brand of dance, R&B, Soul and pop music, and a sizzling stage presence, is creatively fixated on narrative songs that encourage people to love each other in order to bring peace to the world.

Ouriel has excited an entire generation of music lovers with hits like « Let it be me » and « Shake your Bum. » « Shake your Bum, » written by Ouriel and released by Sony France has sold more then 300,000 copies throughout Europe, and reaching top 20 of most European Dance Charts.

« Let it be me, » written by Gilbert Becaud and Curtis Delanoe, was the opening sound track of a Brazilian telenovela, Mulheres de areia (« Sand Women ») produced by the Rede Globo and aired from 1 February 1993 through 25 September 1993, in 203 episodes with 80 Million viewers. It was also Voted best international sountrack album of 1993. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mulheres_de_Areia#Soundtrack

Her debut album « Life Force, » produced by Pete Hammond, quickly rose on the Italian Radio music charts. She instantly became an Italian sensation, selling out to an audience of 70,000 fans in the city of Padua.


Described as possessing an ethereal voice that charms its audience with its soft and powerful timbre, Ouriel, today graces The Garnett Interview with her beautiful and alluring presence.
She is back in the studio in the South of France producing new music and video clips with Sebastien Reines. Check out a teaser of her new song « Cool » on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzOoTeg7Gt8. You can Download the full version on iTunes, Amazon mp3 , Deezer.

Q: Ouriel, your resume is so rich that one is hard put to give, even the briefest synopsis of your eventful life. Would you kindly help us out by giving a brief introduction of yourself?

A: My life has always been connected with spiritual tendencies since childhood. I’ve been called a visionary by many people who know me. I consider myself an international citizen since I’ve traveled widely all my life, and feel at home where ever I go.

Q: Why are you known as The Musical Ambassador of Good Will And Love?

A: It was a New York Music Publication that gave me that title in a headline upon my arrival to the United States to promote my Album « Life Force ».

Q: « Harmony » appears to be a very strong theme in your career. Why is this so?

A: Harmony is of the utmost importance to me, as well as Love and Peace, because my deepest inner pain is how to reach out to the entire planet through my music, so that we can all help to make the world a happier place for all of us.

Q: Tell us about some of your biggest musical hits, especially « Let it be me, » and « Shake Your Bum. »

A: It was an exciting moment for me when I learned that my song « Let it Be Me » was chosen by Rede Globo TV in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to be opening soundtrack to their most famous soap opera with 80 million viewers.
« Shake your Bum » was also a pleasant surprise when I found out that it topped the music charts in several countries in Europe. It was a song that came to me like a bolt of lightening, fast and furious.

Q: The history of your early beginnings as an artiste is really quite fascinating, and you were to very quickly become an Italian sensation. Tell us about all this, in as much detail as you possibly can.

A: The Italian people went crazy over my album « Life Force, » and gave out so much love and admiration for my music. It was obvious that my unique personality sent out true love to all the Italian people that I met. More than five songs from that album went on the Italian top 40 hit list within a few months.

Q: Why was your great album, « Life Force, » considered such an extraordinary piece of musical excursion?

A: To be perfectly honest, the album not only had so many hits, but is also filled with spiritual lyrics that totally resonate with the listeners. It was a magical combination of having the ability to reach out to people and touch their souls with these words and melodies. There is no doubt that « Life force » was a great accomplishment in my musical career.

Q: Steven Benzel once produced Madonna. What was it like working with such an eminent record producer?

A: It was a unforgettable experience working with Steve at Mia Mind Music. He brought my new album « One Happy World  » to a whole new dimension. Through Mia Mind, I was introduced to very important people in the New York City night club scene, where my song « Did you Know, » was fast becoming a favorite dance spin for the DJ’s. As a result, Larry Flint of Billboard Magazine wrote a very positive review about my voice and the song « Did you Know. » It was written by John Bastianelli.

Q: What are your other, remarkable music hits?

A: Midnight Train to Georgia, Band of Gold, Blue Moon, Tell me if I’m Dreaming, Let it Be, Rock my Soul, Hot Funky Beat and more.

Q: In recent times, you have had some significant working relationship with Tony Camillo, the original songwriter, producer and arranger of the all-time hit, « Midnight Train to Georgia. » Tell us about this.

A: Tony Camillo is not only extremely wonderful to work with, he is also one of the most precious people I ever met. He is so special, good hearted and kind, always wanting to help with good advice. Tony is a great songwriter, producer and arranger, with many hits to his credit. I remain ever so grateful to Tony for introducing me to Mr. Beryl Wolk.

Q: You are currently back in the studios in the South of France. What new projects are you working on?

A: I have a new compilation of songs currently being worked on in the studio, which, in a little while will be released to the market along with a new music video coming soon. One of the titles of my new album is « Mariah. »

Q: What words of advice would you have for young ladies who see you as a role model, and would wish to toe your path?

A: Follow your Dream and stay true to yourself. Treat people as you would like to be treated. Love unconditionally with warmth, keeping in mind that we are all God’s children.
So, Please Come together and make it done. One Happy World!



    The Garnett Interview.

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